speak only with words
dipped and coated
with honey.
golden and sweet.
act only with intentions
steeped in
earl grey tea.
infused with bergamot
warm and comforting.
think only
with a conscious mind
not grey clouds, heavy and
filled with rain.
because in a world where you can
be anything
choose to be

i do not need

do not tell me that
i need to find a man
and get married
to become “whole”.

i was not born into this world
broken, lacking or torn therefore
there is nothing in me to mend.
no missing piece to my fulfilment
i’m filled to the brim
and i overflow with delight.

do not tell me
because i have nothing to escape
only myself to find.

a man will not stand next to me
as my other or better half.
i stand next to myself
as my matchless whole.

when i came into this world
i came with everything i need
within myself.
i was born